How are facials for men different compared to women's facials?
Men's skin are thicker compared to women. Men are not used to a beauty regime / routine of cleansing, toning and moisturing diligently (daily). Over time build up of such dead skin cells would dull the complexion and pores would also be blocked by the layers of keratinized cells. This condition is quite common for a lot of men thus it is not unusual if a great number of men suffer from acne, pimples and other blemishes. Most facials for men address this problem. The focus is more on cleansing, exfoliation, toning and moisturing. Congestions and blemishes from these conditions are treated and monitored and once the skin clears up, the clients are advised to adhere to a daily aftercare regime. For women, the issues are more specific e.g. hyperpigmented skin, premature aging, slackened skin etc. Women are more likely to adhere to a beauty routine and the issue of coarse thickened skin is quite rare. Most beauty centers thus tailor facials for specific problems.

I see my skin sagging as I grow older and the wrinkles and pigmentation seem to be settling in at a faster rate. How do I achieve younger, firmer skin without the drastic step of plastic surgery or laser resurfacing?
MSC Ultimate Aqua Power is a treatment which transforms dehydated, dull or sagging skin to a luminous, brighter and firmer complexion after just one session! Rich in vitamin C and complex B, its hydrating and lifting effects are both immediate and long lasting.

I have very oily skin and am very prone to breaking out in pimples. As a result, my skin has a dull sheen with obvious open pores and blemishes. How can I achieve a flawless appearance?
Stress and lack of sleep normally contribute to the appearance of dark eye circles and eye bags. Blood circulation and toxin elimination becomes sluggish, resulting in the retention of excess water around the eye zone, hence the eye bags. MSC Eye Treatment helps alleviate these conditions by improving blood circulation through relaxing lymphatic drainage messages. With the aid of current technology, the skin around the eye zone looks firmer and more elastic.

My back is always dry and scaly. Worse still, pimples and blackheads are scattered all over my back and shoulders. What can i do?
Treat your back like your face. Proper cleansing and nourishing for your back and shoulders should not be neglected. MSC back treatment starts with an exfoliation to remove the dead skin cells, deeply cleanses and purifies your body. Improves clarity and skin tone, leaving your back refreshed.

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