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Indiba AgeReversa System
A long lasting rejuvenation with Proionic technology
The cutting-edge Indiba AgeReversa System uses high frequency currents emitted through a metal massage head to firm skin and lift contours to break up fat cells, speed up metabolism and drain out toxins. The Indiba treatment gives three benefits in one treatment: Proionic© effect, Microcirculation and Hyperthermia.

The combination of capacitive and resistive modes provide incredible effects of revitalising, rejuvenation, moisturising and toning. It balances the cell electric potential, promotes lymphatic drainage, enables more oxygen and nutrients supply to the cells as well as increase cell metabolic rate and lipolysis process.

What is Indiba AgeReversa System?
  • Deep penetration of Proionic waves that mobilises ions in your skin
  • Activates cellular mechanisms leading to improved regenerative powers
  • Stimulates collagen production and elastin repairs
  • Encourages the skin to better retain moisture
What is Indiba AgeReversa System good for?
  • Stimulate collagen production
  • Retain skin's moisture to maintain youthful appearance
  • Improve skin's firmness
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