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About Us

Men's Skin Centre: Men's Skin Care and Body Toning Expert

Men’s Skin Centre (MSC) pride ourselves on being a leader in the men’s skincare industry.

For 30 years now, we strive at improving men’s overall well-being by providing excellent skincare and grooming solution.

We have a team of professional consultants to design and put together personalized skincare and grooming solution for today’s men.

MSC is your one-stop grooming centre providing treatments ranging from deep cleansing, purifying and hydrating to managing acne and sensitive skin and regenerating healthy and brighter complexion.

Our Services


In today’s rapidly moving world, you have to constantly be on top of your...

Hair Removal

In today’s world, men have different reasons to remove chest hair ranging...

Tummy Sculpting

Testosterone is the male hormone responsible for maintaining manly physique...