Genetic Testing For Personalised Skincare – What's This Revolutionary Service About?

The Secret of Skin Care that works is in your Genes

Predicting how your skin will look like eventually when it’s subjected to ageing is never easy. As you age, will you be blessed with good skin that doesn’t see many deep wrinkles? Or will you be susceptible to certain skin concerns?

There’s no way you can know for sure. Not until now, when it is possible to have your genes tested because it is the treasure trove where the secrets of your skin’s destiny is held.

Having your genes tested for information may sound like something that comes out from a sci-fi movie. But you’ll be surprised that the advancement in dermatology will be turning this into a norm sooner than you can say "scientific skincare."

Take the guesswork out of your skincare routine

Hands up if you find this familiar - You invest in an expensive anti-ageing serum that your friends have raved about, but you’ll never know for sure if it’s going to work for you. The only thing you could do is to use it faithfully, and then cross your fingers and pray that it will turn out well and get rid of all your skin ageing woes.

Thanks to the new technology, good skincare products that will work on your skin will never be left to chance. All you need to do is to have your genes tested through a simple swab. You’ll be able to learn how your skin is exposed to the different categories of skin concerns, including collagen level, reactivity to sun, whether it is prone to inflammation, and so on.

From the genetic test, the experts will be able to tell exactly what your skin is susceptible to.

This service is the future of skincare, and you can be part of it

While this revolutionary technology has been the talk of the town in the Western world for some time now, it’s been challenging to use this technology to personalise a skincare program that really works for each individual, based on their genes.

Bella Skin Care exclusively introduces iDDNA®, where we don’t stop at just genetic testing but also provide a personalised skincare program and products, based on your unique set of genetic code. No more guesswork needed.

If you’re ready to take on the next level of scientific skincare, call us at 1800-7777-555 to find out more.