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Hair Removal for Men 101

Manscaping, otherwise known as grooming body hair (chest hair, armpit hair, etc.) takes up a lot of time and effort. On average, depending on how much hair you have, you are inclined to manscape once to thrice a week. While this doesn’t seem to be much of a hassle, it actually is, especially when you’ve got better things to do than personal grooming. There are different ways of hair removal for men. Depending on your lifestyle and the part of your body from which the hair grows, some hair removal options for men are better than others. Let’s explore the world of manscaping!

Below you can see the most common methods of hair removal for men:

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SHAVING Shaves hair Back hair removal, Shoulder hair removal, Genital and Buttocks hair removal 20 minutes to an hour A few day(s)
WAXING Uproots hair follicles Facial hair removal 10 minutes to an hour (or more) 4 to 6 weeks
DEPILATORIES Dissolves proteins in hair follicles Arm hair removal, Leg hair removal 30 to 60 minutes A few week(s)
ELECTROLYSIS Electric shocks to hair follicles that kill hair-making cells Eyebrow grooming. Neck and Ear hair removal 10 to 20 minutes of treatment Permanent
LASER HAIR REMOVAL Kills the hair root using laser light energy Armpit hair removal, Chest hair removal, Back hair removal, Shoulder hair removal 30 minutes per treatment Virtually Permanent


Based on the table above, it can be seen that some hair removing techniques are better than others depending on where the body hair is located. Shaving can be done in most areas of the body, but it is very time consuming and requires high maintenance. Depilatories works best with thin scarce hair as it is usually a gel or cream type that dissolves the hair follicles. Electrolysis is a very painful process that is why it is not

advised to use this technique for large areas of the body but it does remove hair permanently. For hair removal in the upper and lower torso it is apparent that, in the long run, the best option is laser hair removal.

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