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Men Skin Care: Gears Shifting for Personal Grooming

Times have changed. The modern man is no longer rugged, nor does he see facials as being a feminine things; the modern man is starting to see the importance in personal grooming and the importance of men skin care. Today’s times sees a new breed of men who is interested in facial for men and would not laugh at the thought of going for a men’s facial. If you’re wondering if you should join the generation who puts emphasis in men skin care, let us tell you why.

Everybody’s skin needs some TLC

Yes, it’s true. Men or women, our skin both need some tender loving care. The pores on our faces releases sebum which makes it oily, combined with the dirt from our surroundings, it makes a big no-no for our skin’s overall wellbeing. A proper daily personal grooming routine which includes a suitable face wash according to your skin type (oily, dry, combination), moisturizer and sun protection are essential in men face cares. A simple TLC is as easy as ABC with these 3 must-haves.

A healthy skin is a happy skin

And a happy skin is a younger looking skin. How can we get a healthy skin? Daily consumption of foods that is rich in Vitamin A and C work as an antioxidant and as an anti-ageing source as well. A proper skin treatment for men will also do wonders in keeping your skin healthy and happy. So, be sure to eat right and treat your skin right too by having the right men skin care.

Man wearing white suit with bow tie


It’s a new you!

Once you see and feel the transformation on your skin from those face treatments, you will feel more confident and ready to take on new challenges. It’s going to be a new YOU! Having healthy skin is like having a new piece of clothing. It gives you the extra boost of confidence when you’re out and about, and confidence combined with good skin makes for a good first impression.

More facial products and treatments specially for men

It’s easier to find facial products that suit men’s skin. Right now, a walk into a pharmacy would see a dedicated shelf for men skin care. Beauty centres for men are also prevalent as more and more men are starting to pay attention to their skin and appearance. What used to be a confusing formula is now easy and convenient for men to understand skin care.

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It helps with your career and personal life

A well-taken care of appearance shows that you have good personal grooming and hygiene, which indirectly will have an effect on job interviews and with the people around you. So, taking care of your skin has an effect deeper than the surface.

When it comes to men looking good, Men’s Skin Centres has been doing so for 33 years and counting. Using revolutionary technology, we’ve delivered results time and time again. At Men’s Skin Centre, we offer services that could help you jumpstart your men skin care routine. Get in touch with our experts here