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3 Ways to Effectively Boost Your Muscle Growth

Did you know that testosterone is the male hormone that promotes muscle growth? It reaches its peak between the ages of sixteen (16) to eighteen (18), and then stabilizes when you reach your twenties (20s). It then declines from then on. This doesn’t mean though, that muscle growth is hard to attain after the adolescent years. There are some ways you can make up for the idle testosterone level and improve on muscle growth. If you want to commit to muscle building, here are three (3) effective ways:

Commit to a Form of Strength Training

Committing to a form of strength training does not mean you have to spend hours upon hours at the gym. At a minimum, perform exercises that work your quads and hamstrings. Do lunges, squats, extra cardio activity that would build the muscles around your legs. Whatever the strength training, make sure that resistance levels or the amount of weight you use to perform the training, and the number of repetitions are high enough to stress your muscles. It’s much more productive to do one (1) hour of work out four (4) times a week, than four (4) hours straight of work out for only once a week. In less than a month, you will experience body toning.

Take Lots of Protein

There is no easy way to attaining a healthy body, but you can always start with a healthy diet. For a diet that improves muscle growth, make sure to incorporate lots of protein. The key to muscle mass is protein. You need the essential amino acids in proteins heavy food in order to build up on your muscles. High-protein snacks include protein bars, protein shakes, or anything with cheese and ham turkey.

Hire Professional Help

For some, it’s much harder to attain muscle growth than others because of factors like genetics and lifestyle. Therefore, hiring a professional help from trainers and healthy consultants can prove to be a more effective option. By acquiring professional help, you can have clear objectives for yourself that you can achieve much easier because of the supervised body toning program. Burning belly fat and other unwanted fats would be much easier as well as these professionals can customize programs for you.

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