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Why It’s Better To Go Bare Chest

According to a journal found in the Archives of Sexual Behavior, 80 per cent of women favour comparatively hair-free men. When women were asked to compare a man’s attractiveness from having chest hair versus the same man going bare, only 20 per cent of the women were found to favour the hairy version. Scientists and researchers are bewildered by the ongoing trend in female preference for bare chest and more research is being made in this context. This increasing attraction found in men going bare is not the only advantage found in removing chest hair.


Are you a swimmer? According to a study led at the Human Performance Laboratory at the East Carolina University, removing bodily hair increases a swimmer’s performance by 5 per cent! Indeed, according to James Reardon of the U.S track and field team (1996 Olympics), going hairless has both physical and psychological effects. Talk about a boost in self-confidence and performance!

In addition, when you’ve got toned-muscles it’s more advisable to go bare as your muscles will look more defined and chiselled!


Bodily hair stimulates more heat and perspiration, ultimately progressing to body odours. In a tropical country similar to Malaysia, this can be an issue. Going bare will not only ensure less sweating and a more uplifting feel, but it can also reduce the odours that we tend to produce, especially in summer. During summer while hanging out on the beach, men also tend to feel conscious about their body hair. We feel eyes roving around our chest area. For a care-free and confident fun in the sun, it’s much better to go hairless.

If you’re the kind of man that likes wearing tight-fit shirts made from polyester, lycra or elastane, having hairy chest underneath the shirt would be unpleasant to look at. For a perfect fit, that displays your toned-muscles, opt to go bare chest.

Man with fit body