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Top 3 Men Facial Treatments for Asian Skin

The world is ever-changing, and there’s a need for men to always be on top of their game. No doubt, personal grooming is necessary whether it is in regard to career or relationships. Facial treatments targeted for men are now available far and wide. With countless choices, how do you know which one is the best for you?

Men’s Skin Centre has designed treatments that scrutinize your individual need for skin care. With a team of skin experts, we submit to you our “Top 3 Facial Treatments for Men” that encompass the struggles that most Malaysian men have with skin care.

Deep Cleaning – Porcelain Skin Treatment

The hustle and the bustle of the city can take a serious toll on your skin. It is with certainty that you are going to breakout eventually and in some days go through dull-looking skin with all the pollution, and stress of today’s urban life. But have you ever marveled at how some male celebrities can achieve such flawless skin? Flawless skin is an effect of deep-cleaning and maintained care, which is attainable through our Porcelain Skin Treatment. The treatment is formulated with liposomal delivery system that essentially removes excess sebum which contributes to bacteria build up in the skin. Moreover, it helps the skin achieve a natural pH balance that prevents irritation. Flawless skin is within reach, with these techniques combined.

In summary, the key benefits of undergoing Porcelain Skin Treatment are:

Pigment Skin Lightening – Meso Pigment Renewal System

It’s always bright and sunshiny in Malaysia, and although this is a good thing, overexposure to the sun’s rays is harmful. Remember that exposure to UVB and UVA rays for prolonged periods of time could lead to faster skin maturity, increased pigmentation, unwanted spots and dull complexion. Meso Pigment Renewal repairs the sun damaged skin while improving on its clarity and firmness. Noticeable results are after only the first session of therapy!

In summary, the key benefits of undergoing Meso Pigment Renewal System are:

Premium: Stem Cell – Advance Stem Cell System

Looking for a treatment that works from the inside out? Then Stem Cell treatment is your likely fix! What the treatment does, in effect, is to penetrate deep into cells. Then it renews and replenishes these cells, which results to more robust, healthier and adaptable cells. This is especially useful for keeping a healthy and young-looking skin, which Advance Stem Cell System does exactly so. Moreover, the treatment also includes an ultrasonic peel and apple stem cell mask.

Stem Cell Treatment for man