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Hair Removal for Men: A Growing Trend in Malaysia

In some part of the world, being hairy is seen as attractive and masculine. But a growing trend in Malaysia (and some other parts of Asia) is showing a difference in the trend. In this region, going bare is in the air.

According to Dr. Chen Tai Ho’s observations, a renowned aesthetic doctor in Malaysia, there is an increase in his male Malaysian clients who wish to undergo permanent hair removal treatments[1]. He tells The Star Malaysia.

“Perhaps it’s the metrosexual movement, or maybe it’s just a matter of personal preference or hygiene, but more and more men are coming in to permanently reduce their undesired body hair. “

It is unclear how the trend has originated and progressed throughout Malaysia, but what is becoming really apparent is its continuing popularity with Malaysian men. The increasing growth in hair removal for men may have been stimulated by the tropical climate in the area, and as such, hair removal is seen more as being a part of proper hygiene and a healthy body. However, it could also be attributed to the perception of attractiveness in the region. There’s an increasing population of women in Asia who find metro-sexuality as being attractive. Metrosexual, as defined by Merriam-Webster:

Man with fit body


“[Is] a usually urban heterosexual male given to enhancing his personal appearance by fastidious grooming, beauty treatments, and fashionable clothes”[2]

Needless to say, this trend is here to stay, and will mostly likely be around for quite some time. Don’t you think so?

Hair removal for men is now seen as part of personal grooming by many—some even consider it as vital to men skin care. There are several ways to go about body hair removal. The most common methods of hair removal for men in Malaysia are: (1) Laser hair removal, (2) IPL hair removal, and (3) Electrolysis[3]. These body hair removal methods utilize different hair removal techniques that are tailored for specific areas of the body. For instance, laser hair removal is ideally done to get rid of chest hair and armpit hair, Electrolysis is done to get rid of neck and ear hair, while IPL hair removal can be done to the entire body. In essence, they serve the same function, in different methods for targeted areas.

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