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Looking at Men’s Personal Grooming

Beauty has always been a priority for women, taking considerable amount of time and money improving their physical appearance. But for the past several years, there has been an increase of personal grooming with men, showing a rising acceptance of the habit around the world. A number of beauty and personal care products catering specifically for men have grown, which indicates that men pay more attention to their personal appearances. [1]

Beauty and personal care (BPC) companies develop products that target the needs of men who have indulged into different kind of bpc products. The advancement of technology combined with the flourish of pop culture in the media, especially in the digital media, have driven men to turn more of their attention to their physical appearance, trying different personal grooming and men skin care products.

Man with proper grooming

Personal grooming for men differs across the globe. Most men still want to keep it simple, preferring to use few products. There has been a significant increase for the need of hair removal for men. Germans and Italians prefer smooth and clean. The Germans like clean-shaven underarms with armpit hair removal creams while Italians do away with their body hair by using chest hair removal products, both wanting to achieve their ideal example of body grooming. Neatly trimmed and well-groomed body are the type that Frenchmen go for a classy look. The Spanish men, on the other hand, like a perfectly shaved chest and smooth legs, as they prefer to show their sun-kissed body. [2]

Investing on men face care products is not unusual nowadays. The ideal metrosexual men portray the stylish and confident person that a lot of men want to reach nowadays. In the Asian landscape, having flawless skin and wearing makeup is a sure way to boost one’s confidence. This trend is a result of a change in South Korea’s perception of masculinity. With the help of Hallyu, the proliferation of Korean culture across the globe, the more effeminate “flower man” is now becoming their desired appearance of most men and women in Asia. This phenomenon is largely reinforced by women’s approval of it as they see this grooming habit a form of men’s effort in taking care of themselves. [3] In Europe, men also showed huge interest in looking young. This drove the demand for skincare products that battle signs of aging and stress. This is also reinforced by the advent of male personal grooming in ads shown in the media and endorsement of male grooming products by popular celebrities. [4]

The metrosexual remains to be the bearer of revolt against the new image of masculinity. The wide variety of grooming products is not just the only thing that penetrated the psyche of men today. A lot of men have now also put their attention to the gym for body toning. Smelling and looking good is not enough today for men. It must be topped off with a buffed and ripped body. Some men go to the gym for a healthy body, while some want to get those pumped abs and pecs just to be desired for their own bodies.

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