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Is Hair Removal for Men More Painful?

The internet is full of videos of men going thru waxing, maybe over a lost bet or a dare from a friend, with an end result that is not too pleasant despite achieving a hairless outcome. However, women may go through some pain too, but is hair removal for men more painful? Well it depends on the method and area of body the hair is removed.

Man with hairy chest

There are many types of body hair removal. From the more traditional waxing, to more advanced IPL hair removal that uses a laser. Both women and men hair removal options are vast, ranging from price and pain levels. The most basic of hair removal for men would be a personal grooming option of just using a razor blade to shave.

Man looking on his underarm

Men know a thing or two about shaving, as most would shave their beards and even chest hair. However some would be more careful with shaving other sensitive parts of their bodies in fear of cutting themselves.Armpit hair removal with shaving is still relatively safe if done correctly, however results are superb as it will leave little stubs of hair. One way to get a clean and hairless armpit is by plucking it all out, but we all know how much that would hurt.

Having said all that, hair removal for men can be painless, and can result in perfect hairless results with Depilux Hair Free System by Men’s Skin Centre. At MSC, we understand that some men like the look of a hairless body, while others require it in the modelling industry. Shaving body hair doesn’t achieve a hairless look, while waxing or tweezing just hurts. Depilux Hair Free System is the next best thing, where pulsing light that causes heat is transmitted to each hair follicle through the melanin pigmentto disable the hair growth mechanism. Come to a Men’s Skin Centre today to talk to our advisors, they’d love to help you better understand and achieve your ideal looking body.