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Main Differences in Men Body Types and Shapes

Before you head out to your weekly gym routine, or go for a run, you should know that there are different men body types and how it can affect your muscle growth. Knowing which  men body type you are allows you to have a more healthy body, and changing your routine to fir your body type might help achieve better body toning. Here are some facts to better know your body type to more efficiently burn belly fat.

Body Types

There are three body types: Ectomorph, Mesomorph, and Endomorph. Men body types are noticeably different just by noticing their outward appearance. Let’s begin by explaining the Ectomorph. A person with an Ectomorph body is very lean, with traits of long skinny fingers and other limbs. People with this body type have lean muscle, which makes it hard for them to gain muscle.


The Mesomorph body type is an athletic body type, which most guy wish they had. They are able to gain muscle easily as they have good muscle mass, and find it easy to lose belly fat too. They do gain fats easier than Ectomorphs, however with their thick skin and muscle mass, they are still able to look good. Body care for Mesomorphs are easy, as they are genetically muscular and have good posture.

Last but not least, there is the Endomorph body type, also known as the skinny fat. Endomorphs have a softer body with lots of fat. Although they can easily build muscle and have high strength, visibility of the muscles are not as pronounced as the Mesomorph. Moreover, weight loss for Endomorphs are not easy either despite the relatively good traits they possess.


Having to learn about men body types is crucial and allows you to plan for the best fitness routine that fits you. If you’re still uncertain of your body type, and are struggling with losing weight, you can drop by Men’s Skin Centre that specializes in weight loss in Malaysia. Come for a consultation and get the body you always dreamt of!